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The Parlour Suite

The Parlour Suite (Suite 100) is a Studio Suite, located on the main floor with a street view of City Hall and Downtown Brockville.

This elegant magnificent studio apartment  suite has an electric fireplace and its own completely equipped full kitchen and modern bath/shower.

The Judge's Chambers

The Judge's Chambers (Suite 101) is a studio apartment on the main level with entrances both from the main hall as well as it's own private entrance from the parking lot. Many guests request this suite because of its many rare and unusual historic features that set it apart both within the building and within the country.

The gorgeous wooden ceiling and inlaid hardwood floor designs, sculptured brick fireplace and Duncan Phyffe bookcase that was made to order and shipped as components so that it could be installed into the walls is indicative of the wealth and status of Judge George Malloch.

The Garden Suite

The Garden Suite (102) is a One Bedroom Suite with a living area which has a queen sized pullout sofa bed (a extra charge applies if used).  This suite also has a ground level entrance from the parking lot via a walkway through the garden.  
The carriage doors that the horses and carriages used to enter and exit the property were protected by putting replicas on Water Street and preserving the originals in this suite (with insulation in between)
The original (outside) windows have been replaced with stained glass windows.  What was originally a small exterior window has been removed and the 18 inch stone wall cut down to provide the passageway to the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom areas.

The Senator's Suite

The Senator’s Suite (Suite 200) is a Two Bedroom Suite located on the second floor. In the living area there is also a queen size pullout sofa bed. It was once the living and formal entertaining area of the house.


This two bedroom suite is divided by beautiful historic gliding pocket doors to close off a Queen Size Bed with fireplace from the living room.
The second bedroom on the other side of the living room has another Queen Size bed and a patio door going out to its own portion of  the deck/balcony with garden and river/shipping view. 

The Canadiana Suite

The Canadiana Suite (Suite 201) can sleep 6 as it has two queen size beds in the upstairs bedroom and a double size pullout sofa bed in the main floor living room.  
It has a full kitchen and bathroom with a shower

The suite is accessed both from inside the house at the second floor as well as by outside stairs leading up to the second floor balcony/deck from the parking lot.


The Romeo & Juliet Suite

The Romeo & Juliet (Suite 301) themed One Bedroom Suite, with a huge high end fully equipped kitchen. 
Large Bathroom with BOTH a Tub and Shower (see pictures) with body wash/shampoo/conditioner dispenser, blow dryer and towels
The living, dining area has a fireplace and patio doors opening onto a deck with bistro set with a view of the St Lawrence River

The Caesar & Cleopatra

The Caesar and Cleopatra suite (Suite 300) is a themed One Bedroom Suite with a living area which has a queen sized pullout sofa bed. It has a fully equipped full-sized kitchen
The living, dining area has a fireplace and has a downriver view of the St Lawrence River and Seaway traffic, New York State, the harbor and marina.

The Coach House

The Coach House  (Unit 35) entrance is from the courtyard garden that opens off the parking lot. It can sleep 6 as it has two bedrooms and a queen size pullout sofa bed in the main living room.  

The entrance door opens into the living room with a fireplace and a fully equipped kitchen. 

The two bedrooms are upstairs with the bathroom in the middle. The master bedroom has a queen size bed with a thermostatically controlled fireplace, air-conditioner and door that opens onto a large deck overlooking the garden and the river. 

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