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Caesar & Cleopatra Suite

The Caesar and Cleopatra themed suite (Suite 300) is a one bedroomed suite with a living area which includes a pullout sofa bed.

This suite houses over $6,000.00 of framed art prints and replicas of items of the sort that would have been used by Caresar and Cleopatra.

This includes a print of a masterpiece depiction of Cleopatra's palace in Egypt, The Coliseum at Festival time, and in the bedroom a famous print of a piece entitled "Passion"

Over the Mantelpiece is a rendition of the final set of four masterpieces chronicling the arc of the 1200 years of the Romans from nomadic desert tribesmen to dynasty.

It is is the final piece in the set depicting Rome at its zenith before the Rhine froze and the Germanic Goth and Visigoth tribes under Alaric sacked Rome. 40 yrars later the Roman Empire was history, all books burned (except those that made it to Ireland), all teaching stopped. With no books and no teaching ... after one generation you don't know, after a second you don't know what you dont't know and after three all knowledge is lost.. as the  matted hordes who ate food raw and dodn't bury their dead spread over Europe from 500 to 1500 AD.

There are replicas of three styles of shields used by the Roman Legions.. For Officers like Caesar, for archers on horseback, and woden ones used by the foot soldiers.  

On the mantel replicas of the wine goblets of the sort Caesar and Clopatra would have used.

It has a fully equipped full-sized kitchen

The living, dining area has a fireplace and  a downriver view of the St Lawrence River and Seaway traffic, New York State, the harbour and marina.



  • ​Luxury Queen Size Bed,

  • Soft microfibre sheets: cozy in cold or hot weather

  • Hypoallergenic Pillows and Duvets

  • 2 extra pillows and blanket

  • Window Air Conditioner.

Living Room 

  • Gas fireplace for ambience and heating

  • Window Air Conditioner.

  • Bell FIBE High-Definition  TV with large  LED TV AND the ability to record shows to not miss your favourite show or game or to watch later so as to skip commercials.

  • Dining room table and chairs

  • Queen Size sofa bed


  • Kitchen with full sized self-cleaning stove, Microwave, Fridge, Dishwasher, kettle, toaster, cooking utensils and cookware

  • A Keurig coffee maker with an assortment of coffees and a tea chest with a variety of teas, real cream and milk. 

  • Crystal champagne, wine and water glasses, real china tea cups, elegant decorated beer steins, lovely dinnerware.

  • Iron and Ironing Board


With shower with body wash/shampoo/conditioner dispenser, hair blow dryer and towels

Additional Notes:

  • Bell FIBE High Speed Fibre Optics WiFi Internet

  • Electrically inflatable Queen air bed available 

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