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The Judge's Chamber

The Judge's Chambers (Suite 101) is on the main level with entrances both from the main hall as well as its own private entrance from the parking lot.


The gorgeous wooden ceiling and inlaid hardwood floor designs, sculptured brick fireplace and Duncan Phyffe bookcase that was one-of-a-kind made to order and shipped as components so that it could be could be assembled on-site and installed into the walls is indicative of the wealth and status of Judge George Malloch.

This suite was added a few years after the original neoclassical downtown London style Georgian Townhouse main building. 



The brick extension of which this suite is the main floor part ( the Canadiana Suite 201 is the upstairs portion ) was added a few years after the original neoclassical downtown London style Georgian Townhouse main building.  Many important meetings were held here of the federal government politicians and the Prince of Wales on a royal tour.

As is typical of houses of this era, the second floor landing of the main house has a sitting area for the lady of the house to do needlework while watching the happenings on the streets so as to have lots to talk about with her lady friends.  One expects that the judge wanted his man cave so to speak for cigars and Sherry and Port and conversations with the politicians judges and lawyers. Hence the judge’s chambers.

  • Luxury Queen Size Bed
  • Hypoallergenic Pillows and Duvets
  • Micofibre sheets... soft and comfortable in both hot and cold weather
  • 2 extra pillows and blanket
  • Kitchenette with 2 burner Stove, Microwave and Fridge. This is the only suite without an oven or dishwasher. 
  • A Keurig coffee maker with an assortment of coffees and a tea chest with a variety of teas, real cream and milk
  • Crystal champagne, wine and water glasses, real china tea cups, elegant decorated beer steins, lovely dinnerware.
  • Bathroom with Shower with body wash/shampoo/conditioner dispenser, Hair dryer and towels
  • Ironing Board and Iron
  • Gas fireplace for ambiance and heat
  • Air conditioner
  • Bell Expressvu High-Definition Satellite TV with large flat screen LED TV
  • Use of the enclosed courtyard garden complete with lawn chairs and rose garden reminiscent of Europe and New Orleans walled courtyard gardens.
  • Inflatable queen or single air bed available if prearranged (a charge applies)
  • Use of outdoor gas bbq in enclosed garden courtyard
  • High Speed WiFi
  • Bell Expressvu Satellite TV with large flat screen LED TV
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