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The Senator's Suite 
Senators Suite

The Senator’s Suite  (Suite 200) is a two bedroom suite located on the second floor with a living area which has a pullout sofa bed. 


This two-bedroom suite is divided by beautiful historic gliding pocket doors to close off a Queen Size Bed with fireplace from the living room.


The second bedroom on the other side of the living room has another Queen Size bed and a patio door going out to its own portion of the deck/balcony with garden and river/shipping view.

The bathroom has a modern bath/shower tub.  The 2'nd floor patio/deck has a Cuisinart propane BBQ (shared with the Canadiana suite) and its own bistro set with a view of river, Seaway traffic and garden.

It has two thermostatically controlled fireplaces... one in each bedroom both for ambience and heating.

The main bedroom was originally the living room and what is now the living room was the formal dining room. These two rooms are separated by a pair of massive pocket doors which roll back into the separating wall cavity.  In the Judges time the family and guests would assemble in the living room using the living room doors from the hallway.  The pocket doors would be closed thereby hiding the servants setting the table and preparing the dinner using the hallway doors into the dining room.  At the appointed hour the servants would roll open the massive doors to much fanfare one assumes.

Once the meal was over the pocket doors would be closed and the family and the guests would retire to the living room for port and sherry.  The servants could then clear away the aftermath and reset the tables for the next repast.

On the hallway side of what is now the living room (the former dining room) is a ornate semicircular closet/portico with a glass door. I moved it from the opposite wall as originally it was a table linens closet recessed into the exterior stone wall of the building which is usually 24 inches thick (consisting of an inner wall, outer wall and the rubble stone tossed in between). It was hollowed out 12 inches for the shelving for the linen.  


  • 2 Luxury Queen Beds (one in the east and one in the west bedroom.)

  • Soft microfibre sheets: cozy in cold or hot weather

  • Hypoallergenic Pillows and Duvets

  • 2 spare pillows and blanket

  • luggage stand

Living Room 

  • Table and Chairs to seat 6 persons 

  • Bell Expressvu Satellite TV with large flat screen LED TV

  • A Queen size sofa bed and two love seats 


  • Kitchen with full sized stove, Microwave, Fridge, Dishwasher, kettle, toaster, cooking utensils and cookware...... better than many folks home kitchens as it was originally a model kitchen featured display

  • A Keurig coffee maker with an assortment of coffees and a tea chest with a variety of teas, real cream and milk

  • Crystal champagne, wine and water glasses, real china tea cups, elegant decorated beer steins, lovely dinnerware

  • Ironing board and iron

  • 2 air conditioners - one at each end of the suite/apartment

  • 2 thermostatically controlled fireplaces for ambiance and heating


  • With Tub/Shower with body wash/shampoo/conditioner dispenser, blow dryer and towels

  • High Speed WiFi


  • With two-person Bistro set, chairs and river view

Additional Notes:

  • Inflatable air bed (queen or Single) available if prearranged (a charge applies)

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